Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented and reliable candidate with front and back end experience. Lots of opportunity for growth within the company.

Software Engineer

  • Produce/write high quality production/commercial-grade software
  • Lead and participate in code and design reviews
  • Collaborate with support and development team members to maintain a competitive advantage
  • Participate in development lifecycle based on Agile principles

Skills Required

  • Experience in either Java, C, or C++ software development
  • Expert in object-oriented programming and design principles
  • Expert understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Java, Cassandra, MySQL, Kafka, Spring, Spring-MVC, MapReduce/Hadoop development experience preferred
  • Experience with NoSQL, non-relational databases a plus
  • Fluency in HTTP protocol, Javascript, CSS and HTML preferred
  • Desire and ability to learn and execute new technologies in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to communicate tasks, ideas, and concepts clearly and efficiently
  • Proficient knowledge of Network and System Architectures
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