IAB Sets Dynamic Content Standards

Now open for public comment until November 28th, the IAB Technology Laboratory has released the new IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard. These new dynamic content standards will assist in improving the relevancy of advertisements that users see online on their mobile or desktop devices. This is intended to make it easier for marketers and advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their digital ad campaigns and appeal more directly to their target audiences. The standard will allow all types of digital ads, including video, audio, social, native and display ads, to render differently for each user that comes across the content. This will create a range in the sets of assets that can be implemented to respond to deliberately selected data triggers and business rules in real-time.


Better Performance for Creative and Technical Professionals

 The IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard was developed for marketing professionals who build advertising content regardless of the platform that they choose to use. The standard will work in any programming language, which will allow creative teams to take full advantage of the audience targeting capabilities. With better audience targeting, marketers will be able to develop their digital ad campaigns to be more focused, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the advertisements. Marketers will be able to go beyond the right place at the right time strategy, and use the standard to engage customers at any time. This will also be beneficial for the viewer as the content of the advertisement will be more directly relevant to their interests and demographics. Marketing agencies will also be able to use the standard in order to track creative assets and analyze their performance based on a variety of details giving marketers even more capacity to optimize their content.


The Future of Online Advertising

 According to Cary Tilds, the chief innovation officer and co-chair of the IAB Tech Lab Dynamic Content Ad Standard Working Group, the standard will be an important building block of the future of online advertising. The dynamic content standards will become integral to the relationship between creative and technology, and begin the process of unifying the two in a much more significant manner. It is predicted that this will eventually lead to the support and emergence of artificial intelligence in online advertising, which will make a huge impact on the way that creativity is delivered to viewers. It is anticipated that this will change the entire shape and methods of much of the digital advertising industry.


Public Comment Period is Open Until November 28th, 2016

 A beta version of the IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard has been released the public for testing, and there is an open public comment period that will run until November 28th. This will give people the opportunity to test and respond with comments about the standard’s functions. After the public comment period has closed, the IAB Tech Lab Dynamic Content Ad Standard Working Group review the comments, consider any relevant suggestions, and then it will make any improvements before releasing a final version.