IAB Tech Lab Wants To Make Sure Advertisers Are Deploying Ads Correctly 

Every industry has its own standards, and IAB Tech Lab wants to make sure that these standards are being upheld within the ad tech industry by ensuring that advertisers are deploying their ads in the correct manner.

Recently, the Interactive Bureau Tech Lab presented a compliance program to make sure that advertisers are following the complex series of the ad tech industry’s standards. They want to improve the user experience by employing compliance standards for all vendors.


IAB Lab Tech Pushes Protocols For Ad Delivery Further

 IAB Lab Tech has been developing protocols for ad delivery over the past few years to help companies adhere to a standard framework. Some of these protocols include:

VAST – To assist with video ad serving

VPAID – Enables video ads and video players to accurately exchange information

OpenRTB – To assist with programmatic buying

MRAID – Allows programmatic serving and rendering of mobile rich media

However, despite these protocols, there is no assurance that a company will actually be using these protocols properly. There are many things that can be incorrect if everyone is not operating at the same level. For example, if the audio in a file is encoded in one format, it may not be compatible or function at a substandard level with certain devices. Another example is if a video vendor does not use VAST, there is a chance that the ad they are delivering may not be functional within the environment it is being sent to.


IAB Lab Tech Upholds Seals Of Approval To Maintain User Experiences

When companies don’t deliver their ads properly, it becomes a user experience problem.

According to Alanna Gombert, IAB Lab Tech’s SVP of Technology and Ad Operations, if a company does not comply with the established framework, their ads will not be deployed correctly. “And then there might be consumer issues and complaints” Gombert notes as the major issue with non-compliance.

In order to address this issue, IAB Lab Tech provides a seal of approval that determines whether or not a company’s processes pass or fail in compliance with the framework. Any advertiser that wants to obtain IAB Lab Tech’s seal of approval needs to provide samples to IAB in order to qualify. Companies are required to submit a minimum of three samples each year in order to maintain their approval status.


IAB Lab Tech’s Seal Of Approval Isn’t Free

Similar to many other seals, such as those administered by the Media Ratings Council or the Trustworthy Accountability Group, any company that wants IAB Lab Tech’s seal of approval will be required to pay a fee to be compliant with each different standard. The cost for this is nothing to be overlooked as well.

Members will be required to pay $5,000 for each standard with an annual renewal cost of $2,500. Non-members need to pay $7,500 for each seal of approval, and $5,000 for each annual renewal. Despite this cost, it is likely to become an industry standard as most companies are expected to follow through with this.