MediaMath Integrates with Google AdX

One of the top programmatic companies for marketers has announced that it will be integrating Google’s Double Click Ad Exchange’s Programmatic Guaranteed Program. They will be the first independent programmatic technology company to use this service, but Google predicts that the majority of programmatic spending will be conducted through Programmatic Guaranteed in the next 3 years.

AdX’s new product plays into the competitive market of real-time bidding by uniting it with the benefits of premium publisher inventory. Marketers and advertisers are constantly searching for new methods of getting top-notch inventory through effective processes that can help them maintain the high level of quality that they desire. MediaMath’s employment of Programmatic Guaranteed will enable them to do that by increasing the efficiency of their workflow.  The integration of Programmatic Guaranteed will allow them to procure and bid on high-quality inventory from over 500 publishers faster and easier than ever before. This marks the beginning of the end for manual media executions as it exemplifies how independent programmatic companies can start to use programmatic for all of their media procurements.

MediaMath is one of the leading technology companies in the world that is pushing forward the agenda on digital marketing. It is known for its TerminalOne Marketing Operation System, and has been considered a leader in the industry for its introduction of the first Demand-Side Platform when the company was founded in 2007. It is a unique company in that it is the only technology company to enable advertisers to use an open platform in order to take advantage of goal-based marketing at scale. It is lead by experienced staff that are based at 16 different locations across the globe in 5 different continents.

VP of Media Partnerships at MediaMath, Tanuj Joshi announced that they are proud to be the first company to utilize AdX’s Programmatic Guaranteed, and that it is now active in all of their AdX’s markets including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America. Joshi claims that this type of integration is a “must-have” for all advertisers who want to achieve a better ROI.

The Managing Director of Google Media Platforms, Chip Hall, commented on the new partnership announcing that the integration of MediaMath and Double Click Ad Exchange is an important exemplification of the ways that Programmatic Guaranteed can build new possibilities for connecting advertisers with publishers. It proves that there are powerful ways to use “real-time, data-driven decisions” in order to access the huge range high quality publisher inventory available on the market.

The integration of Programmatic Guaranteed with MediaMath’s platforms demonstrates that digital media marketing is moving forward in its progress towards more effective digital campaigns. The Head of Programmatic Trading at Havas Australia noted that “it is a true testament of where the whole digital media landscape is heading towards.” This leap by MediaMath marks the advancement of marketers and advertisers to now be able to better leverage high quality publisher inventory in cohesion with more accurate data-driven decisions.