Snapchat Adds Search Bar

Snapchat has just added a function to its user interface to make it even easier to navigate the app and connect with friends. A handy universal search bar has been included at the top of the app to make it faster to find new friends, join groups, enjoy publishers, engage with Discover channels, and find more Our Stories. The new function will be available on all iOS and Android mobile devices, which will let users get even more out of Snapchat.

Snapchat has reported to TechCrunch that the search bar has been created to make it faster for users to find what they want, so they can keep up with their snapping. Some speculate that it may not be a coincidence that Snapchat was reported to have purchased a mobile search startup known as Vurb.

Snapchat has received some criticism in the past due to the unfamiliar layout that many people had difficulty navigating. Navigation buttons were only added to Snapchat in June of last year. Prior to that, users could only navigate the app with swipe motions, which required a bit of a learning curve. However, now snappers can easily hop around the app using the new search bar making it even easier and quicker to find the best content.

The updated search bar is anticipated to provide a major boost for businesses and marketers who want to increase their Snapchat audiences. In the past, the search functions on Snapchat were disjointed and only searched within specific realms such as conversations and account names. However, the new universal search bar will search within the entire app so that users can find exactly what they are looking for, which will make it easier for brands to engage with their target audiences.

It is predicted that the new search bar will also be able to provide some new revenue opportunities for Snapchat. The company could start letting advertisers pay for sponsored positions in search results or within search suggestions. This could be a method for Snapchat to start monetizing brands attempts to build bigger audiences on the app’s platform. Snapchat has declined to specify if any of these revenue potentials will follow suit in the near future, but as a company that has just filed for their IPO, it would be wise for them to prove that they have many potential sources for earning money. Snapchat is hoping to raise $3 billion when it goes public, and the company is expected to come in with a valuation of more than $20 billion.

The new Snapchat search bar includes many nifty functions such as tapping bitmojis and thumbnails to interact with friends faster. Snapchat is also permitting any user to submit an Our Story at any time now. Users will no longer be required to pick a specific theme, and instead, will give Snapchat permission to use the Our Story however it wants. This will give Snapchat more ability to collect and post content based on trending themes, which is expected to increase the use of the app’s Our Story function. Snapchat is continuing to push their user functionality to make sure the app remains competitive against the recently revealed Instagram Stories.