Twitter Announces Pre-Roll Video Ads for Approved Creators

The monetization of Twitter has always been underrepresented in comparison to the majority of other social media platforms. YouTube has been at the forefront of monetization through profit sharing of pre-roll video ads, and many creators have been enjoying revenue generated from ads before their content for some time. However, Twitter has been known for its clear lack of revenue generation for content creators, but this is something that has started to change recently.

Twitter has officially announced the release of a special feature in the Amplify Publisher Program, which enables approved creators in the United States to monetize their videos and content. Amplify Publisher is part of Twitter’s creator revenue programs, which is enabling creators of all sizes to monetize their content and begin generating revenue as influencers that make an impact on the social media site. This is achieved by providing creators the ability to activate Twitter pre-roll video ads on the social media site, and share in the return from the ad revenue that is generated from each play of a video ad. According to their blog post, Twitter promises that this will be as easy as “checking a box” before sending out a tweet with video content.

Content creators will be able to have the flexibility to select which videos are monetized through pre-roll ads, as well as pre-set monetization options for each one of their videos. This gives creators a new way of making income from their content on Twitter, and will enable many to profit from their efforts and creations that reach people every day. The content can be selected for monetization in a non-exclusive agreement, which means that creators and influencers can still share their content on Twitter, as well as on other social media platforms. This format is considered an industry leading revenue sharing model, which is expected to benefit many users and top content creators on Twitter.

The pre-roll video ads will be function in a manner that is similar to those that are found on YouTube. The pre-roll video ads will play before approved and selected video content on Twitter, and it will feature a skip button similar to those on YouTube, so that content users can choose whether or not to watch the entire ad. This marks a first big step in the monetization of Twitter, which has been considerably lacking in comparison to many other social media platforms. It is anticipated that the monetization of pre-roll video ads on Twitter will eventually be open to more users than just those registered with the Amplify Publisher Program, but it is uncertain when this would happen.

Although some passive users of Twitter may be resistant to the introduction of pre-roll video ads before they view content, this marks important progress in generating revenue for the creators on Twitter who provide so much content for so many people to enjoy. It is important to remember that those who make enjoyable and interesting content deserve to receive compensation for the work that they do just as much as anyone else.