Programmatic. (pro•gram•mat•ic)

Programmatic advertising is the process of using machine learning to automate and optimize the digital ad buying process in real-time. In tandem with dedicated traders, programmatic is more than a media buy, driving efficiency in delivery, targeting, pricing, and reporting


Programmatic in action. 

Data and analytics are the backbone of a constantly evolving programmatic ecosystem. Through the real-time analysis of online behaviours, we ensure that your target audience sees your message at the best possible time in the appropriate place.


Programmatic does not mean automatic.

Wave brings man and machine together through a sophisticated and focused digital media trading practice. As a technology agnostic provider, Wave prides itself on developing a truly bespoke approach for each and every engagement.

By combining shared insights, machine learning, and statistical analysis, Wave traders offer customized tracking methods and optimization opportunities that align with your individual campaign goals.



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