We stay ahead of the current

There is always a new way to advertise on social media and here at Wave we have our finger on the creative pulse. If there is a new channel, were on it quickly, so you can be too.


We combine technology, data insights and a hands-on approach to make your media dollars work harder.


What type of partner are you?

  • Marketer

    Wave traders use multiple demand side platforms to access a number of exchanges and channels, analyzing hundreds of data points to maximize return on media spend. We regularly share analysis and insights to support strategic conversations and campaign direction, providing optimizations and recommendations along the way. We customize reporting for each campaign’s needs to ensure that we’re providing the information required to make educated business decisions.

  • Agency with trading desk

    Wave isn’t looking to replace your trading desk relationship. We offer a flexible alternative that provides cost transparency into delivery and optimization opportunities across our full scope of programmatic access points.

  • Agency without trading desk

    Working with our partners to determine KPIs and measurement goals, Wave offers unique solutions that drive media effectiveness. We make it our mission to communicate early and often, adapting to your needs to deliver great campaign results across display, mobile, video, native, and social campaigns.


Digital Media Solutions


We work with brands and agencies to deliver impactful media across channels and devices.



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